What Do the New Commercial Refrigeration Standards Mean for My Business?

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Earlier this year, a series of stringent new commercial refrigeration guidelines went into effect across the country. The rules, imposed by the Department of Energy (DOE), require manufacturers of commercial refrigeration units to follow a number of energy-conscious measures. Despite the fact that these new regulations are only aimed toward commercial refrigeration manufacturers, they will still have an effect on the businesses that depend on commercial refrigerators in Santa Cruz County, AZ to keep their goods safe and edible.

What the rules require

The new guidelines mandate a reduction in the amount of energy consumed by closed-case refrigeration units. Because closed-case units are already the most energy efficient types of commercial refrigerators available, the guidelines are mandating that manufacturers substantially redesign their existing and future models.

Many refrigeration companies are meeting the new requirements by installing new lighting systems, enhancing insulation and changing the location of anti-sweat heaters.

What this means for businesses

Because of the new regulations, most refrigeration companies are now redesigning and reengineering their entire product lines. This will have several implications for the business owners who depend on commercial refrigerators in Santa Cruz County, AZ for the operation of their companies.

Firstly, many of the old models will begin to disappear. While existing units are grandfathered in, all new production must now be designed to meet the DOE’s 2017 mandate. This means that your store may have to make the decision to either replace your entire stock of units, or deal with the hassle of operating multiple types of refrigeration systems. It could become more difficult to obtain replacement parts for certain models as well.

Existing models that are continued on throughout the mandate will also face substantial changes, to the point where they may become unrecognizable.

The new cases will also operate in a noticeably different manner from the former closed-case units that you are used to. Many manufacturers installed LED lighting to cut down on energy consumption and improve cold-air retention. This means that your products should be displayed in a manner that accounts for the change in lighting. They may also be quieter and less distracting for customers.

Finally, it is important to bear in mind that the new cold cases will most likely change the humidity and temperature of your store. If your former commercial refrigerators in Santa Cruz County, AZ leaked a lot of cold air into your store, you may have to run your air conditioning system at a more consistent rate when you install newer, more efficient refrigeration systems. Similarly, the newer units may result in a dryer overall atmosphere at your location, and you should plan accordingly.

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